What is Yamfit?

It's an app that helps you achieve your health goals such as:

  1. Live healthy life
  2. Healthy eating
  3. Do fitness exercises
  4. Track water intake
  5. Simplify your cooking and grocery gathering
  6. Track progress
  7. Note feelings
  8. Motivate yourself
  9. Challenge yourself
  10. Yoga
  11. Meditation

Live healthy life

Healthy life

The main goal of Yamfit app:

Provide right experience and features, motivate people to achieve their goals to live healthier life.

During your journey with our app we try to motivate you to stay on track, provide different functionality to support your healthy life style the comfortable and easy way for you. Features and method the app has so far:

  1. Track your meal intake, including meal reminders
  2. Trainings and exercises list
  3. Track your water intake with different types of beverages (this will automatically calculate calories you consumed with a drink)
  4. Measure your progress: weight, sizes, time and other
  5. Challenge yourself with prepared challenges or your custom
  6. Motivations and tips
  7. Prepared diets and plans
  8. Cooking within the app with easy UI
  9. Grocery gathering, get list of products you need to meal prep for a week
  10. Find delicious and right for your diet recipes
  11. Share progress and content with your friends and community
  12. Yoga and meditation to keep your mind calm
  13. ... and many other, check them out in the app

Healthy eating

In our time healthy eating is pretty challenging task. So we try to improve our methods and ways we mentor you all the time. There are few methods we extract and brought to you:

Calorie tracking


This is a good method with it's own pros and cons, lets go through them:


  1. See how much nutrients you consume with your food and drinks
  2. Real-time adjustments to your diet during a day - so you don't overeat and feel good
  3. Eat what you want just keep your calories below the mark you've set
  4. Cooking is not required


  1. Hard to track all food you had
  2. Time consuming during a day
  3. Not all food is listed in calorie tracker apps
  4. Usually it's harder to eat only healthy food with this approach

Some tips: if you can't find a particular brand, try to look for a "generic" product. For example if there is no "Philadelphia cheese" in the list, look for "light cheese" instead

Meal preps

Meal prep

It's pretty good option if you can cook 1-2 times per week and spend few ours to prepare meals for next few days.


  1. Possibly can be the healthier way to eat
  2. You don't need to cook 3+ days in a row
  3. Good food is always there when you need it
  4. Discuss the diet plan with your doctor / coach / nutritionist


  1. Somebody needs to go to grocery store
  2. Cooking is usually required
  3. Time consuming on a day to prep
  4. Food might be not super fresh after 3 days
  5. Place to store

Some tips: you can order groceries online, try to pick ingredients with fresh veggies if it's short plan, so it's less to prep

Do fitness exercises


In our app you can find a lit of fitness exercises sorted by groups and types. Do you like cardio or bodybuilding? You will find any kind of program you need with our app!

Track water intake


Water is essential part of our life and very important for our body. With our app you can easy set you goal and reminders to fulfill yourself with water!

Simplify your cooking and grocery gathering

Cooking mode


This feature might bee very helpful if you do meal prep, it's very easy and has just few steps:

  1. Pick diets, plans or recipes you want to cook
  2. Start the cooking mode
  3. Cook it one by one with our friendly user interface
  4. Voila, enjoy your next few days with healthy meals!

Grocery gathering


We have everything prepared for you: if you like a plan, diet or some recipes and want to try them out:

  1. Just add this elements to grocery list
  2. Save it
  3. Do your groceries with interactive list
  4. Share it with your family members

Track progress

Track progress

Use update weight card or modal window to update your progress. It's good to check your weight at least once per week

Note feelings


Note how you feel and your mood to track down the bad things in your life and improve it!

Motivate yourself


Check our blog posts, people's feed to motivate yourself!

Challenge yourself


Pick a challenge to start from a list of challenges, try to last for 21 day.

  1. Don't eat sweets
  2. Don't eat junk food
  3. and so on...



Find yoga tutorials and videos



List of calming audio-tracks prepared for you by our team

Have a great mood, healthy life and see you later!